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Nainital – The City Of Lakes


Nainital is called the “lake district of India” which means “Sarovar nagri” in hindi is a charming glorious hill station situated in the arms of dev bhoomi Uttrakhand, Nainital district in the Kumaon foothills of outer Himalayas. Elevation 2,084 m(6,837ft above mean sea level).

Beauty description

Nainital is present in a valley of mango shaped lake surrounded by numerous beautiful charming silvery lustrous mountains some of them are deopata, naini, alma lariya kanta, sher ka danda, among them Naini is the highest mountain.The starting view with morning is very mind soothing and soul calming as with sun rising and spreading its beautiful rays on the mountains and complementing them,natural forest with pine trees giving cool breeze.The travellers can visit beautiful lakes, resorts,cafe,Shakti Peeths.i.e. holy places where charred body parts of Mata Sati was fell. The peaceful view, pleasant surrounding and the sweet aroma of natural flora adds enjoyment throughout the day till the dusky dawn.For whole day adventure yatching,paddling,boating and many other more activities can be performed throughout the day on Naini lake.The glorious moon’s natural light on mountains their reflection on lake at night is like cherry on top of the cake.


There are many different stories and mythological believes about origin of Nainital. One of them is mythological history importance it is one of the 64 Shakti peeth’s here Mata Sati’s eyes fell this is the reason why this place is called Nainital. The Goddess Shakti is being worshipped by local people here.

In Manas Khand of the Skand puranas Nainital Lake called tri-rishi-sarovar the story behind it is three saints Atri, Pulastya and Pulaha when they went to Nainital during travelling they were unable to find water so they dug up a huge pit at the place where the sarovar is present today and filled it up with holy water which they brought from Mansarovar.

Exploring of Naintal according to human record is mentioned after Anglo-Nepalese war this hill station was founded in 1841 when there first European house construction took place by P.Barron

Famous places you can visit during tour

1-Naini Lake it is unique because of its kidney shaped .
2-Sariyatal it is on the way to Kaladungi.Its a good place for meditating and relaxing.Himalayan Botanical Garden is situated near this lake having a butterfly park,herbarium,library and a fern house and other resources for the getting closer to nature.
3-Naukuchiatal Its name clearway tells its character .i.e. the word”nau” means nine and this lake has nine corners.It is special due to another reason also as it is deepest lake of Nainital area.
4-Sattal The name of this lake is sattal because it is interconnected of seven freshwater lakes. The peculiar feature of this lake is its natural picturesque effect.
5-Khurpatal- This lake is so special in itself it is very beautiful and unique as it serves as a landscape because the flora and fauna present in it changes its view completely with its season; the nature serves its beauty to its best shows by this lake.
6-Bhimtal Coming to the last but not least, this lake has a different charm than others totally. The most attention seeking feature of this lake is a beautiful island in the centre of lake.For adventure you can have boat riding to reach your dream of visting island.If you love aquatic species have a visit to aquarium on the island there are different kinds of exotic species of fish domesticated from different countries.

Best Places to Visit in Nainital

• Naina Peak
• Kilbury – bird watcher’s paradise
• Tiffin Top
• Snow view
• Gurney House
• Naina Devi Temple
• Eco Cave Garden
• Lovers point
• Mall road
• Hanumangarhi
• Pt. G.B. Pant High Altitude Zoo,Nainital


Some of the lips smaking food like Momos (veg & non veg,steamed fried),Thupa,Triple rice,Noodles(from bhutiya market)


when hunger strikes, reach for this wonderful batch of namkeen from nainital (from bada bazaar)

the things you can buy for giving hill staion touch to your drawing room are pine sculptures and other different gift items basically organic.
stylish wax candles of different shapes, colours,aroma .

The best shopping for your family can be done from Bara Bazar and Bhutia market.•

Things to Do in Nainital

For more adventure you can enjoy boating, horse riding, arielropeway, gravity,rock climbing centre,water sports, zip line, trekking, paragliding.

Distance from some main places

  • Delhi to Nainital 301.1 km.
  • Dehradun to Nainital 283.4 km.
  • Haldwani to Nainital 41.2 km.

Best time to visit Naintal- Dear friends there is always good time to get closer to nature and relax in hill valley.I am sure you must have heard the song

“Husn pahado ka kya kehena ki baharo mahino yha mausam jaado ka”

So come and enjoy your trip whenever you want.#Team YouthUttarakhand


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